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I hope you enjoy the selection of paintings on display here.

Folks sometimes ask me why I decide to make a specific painting. There is an instant of recognition that something I’ve observed could and must become a painting. These moments come as unexpected gifts, as if I suddenly found a pearl lying on a beach. I’ve come to realize that what arrests my attention has several ingredients, the most important being a quality of light that evokes an emotion akin, perhaps, to feelings that can come from poetry. Also, I am drawn to a scene that has an underlying sense of geometry and combination of colors that I judge to contain the possibility of delicious harmonies.

"Meaning in life and the meaning in our own lives, results from creative efforts on our part. It is not a prior reality awaiting our discovery. Though we talk about a 'search' for meaning, what we are seeking is primarily a mode of creativity that will make our lives meaningful."                   — Irving Singer, MIT Professor of Philosophy